301 James Street N.

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Monday - 9am - 9pm
Tuesday - 9am - 9pm
Wednesday - 9am - 9pm
Thursday - 9am - 10pm
Friday - 9am - 11pm
Saturday - 9am - 11pm
Sunday - 9am - 8pm

Welcome to Jack & Lois


James North's little diner that could! We've got lots of great sandwiches and really great all day breakfast! We've also got really innovative specials every week. Do you like formica? Miss your grandparents house? You're gonna love us! We're located at 301 James North in Hamilton.


We're a cosy little place, so we can't offer reservations Friday through Sunday, but we'll do everything we can to get you and your party in here Monday through Thursday. Just give us a call anytime at 289-389-5647. And, if its a really special occasion (Grandma's 90th Birthday) we'll fit you in! 

About our menu

Our ‘Stuffed Angel’ Is A Deep Fried Wonton Stuffed With Black Bean, Onion, Portobello Mushroom, Cilantro, Ground Almond, Served With Spicy Marinara. A Great Alternative To Meat With Your Breakfast OR Alone As An Appetizer. We Serve You Tropicana Orange Juice & Relay Coffee. Honey, We'll Shrink The Menu For Your Kids And To Make Your Life Easier, All Of Our Prices Include Tax!

all day breakfast

The Hummingbird $11

2x Eggs, home fries, Fresh Fruit, Mini Grilled Cheese (OR) Toast, Two Choices: Bacon, Peameal & Sausage (OR) 2x Stuffed Angels. Add 50¢ To Change Your Toast To Rye Or Multi-grain.


The Cobra $13

3x Eggs, Hash Browns, Fresh Fruit, Mini Grilled Cheese (OR) Toast, Bacon, Peameal & Sausage (OR) 3x Stuffed Angels.


Molly Baby $13

Lots Of Peameal Bacon, 2x Fried Eggs, Spicy Avocado, Aged Cheddar & Maple Syrup On A Glazed Kaiser Bun.


Black Mamba $13

Our Signature Black Bean Patty, 2x Fried Egg, Spicy Avocado, Aged Cheddar, Pesto Mayo On A Glazed Kaiser Bun.


The Lighter Side $12

Vanilla Yogurt, Topped With Organic Granola, Side Of Cottage Cheese, Fresh Fruit Skewer, fresh cuts of tomato and avocado & A Two Egg Cheese Omelette. Add Some Stuff To Your Omelette: $2 For Two Items *We Can Do Egg White Omelettes*


Cheeseburger $13

8 OZ. Of House Seasoned Ground Black Angus Beef, American Slice On A Glazed Kaiser.

The Gagnon $14

8 OZ. Of Ground Black Angus Beef, Secret Seasoning, Aged Cheddar, Crisp Romaine & Tomato On A Glazed Kaiser.

John Candy $15

8 OZ. Of Ground Black Angus Beef, Secret Seasoning, Aged Cheddar, Canadian Bacon & Maple Strip Bacon On A Glazed Kaiser.

The Soprano $15

8 OZ. Of Ground Black Angus Beef, Secret Seasoning, Fresh Basil, Tomato, Asiago, Balsamic & Caramelized Onions On A Glazed Kaiser.



The Pigasus $15

8 OZ. Of Market Fresh Ground Pork, Italian Sausage & Peameal-Cheddar Sausage Patty. Pressed w/Double Smoked Bacon & Topped w/Aged Cheddar. Pigasauce & Creamy Apple Slaw On A Glazed Kaiser.

The Replicant $12

Stacks Of Breaded Portobello Caps w/Pesto Mayo, Hugging A Well Of Aged Cheddar with Crispy Romaine & Tomato On A Glazed Kaiser. Add Fresh Corn Salsa: 2.5

The Jester $13

Black Bean Patty w/Pesto Mayo, Lettuce & Tomato, Roasted Red Pepper, Artichoke, Caramelized Onion Medley On A Glazed Kaiser. Add Aged Cheddar for $1.

The Good Luck $13

Layers Of Roasted Peameal, Aged Cheddar & Caramelized Onions On A Glazed Kaiser Bun w/A Touch Of Maple.

The Big Extra $13

A Tower Of BLT w/ The Classic Ingredients As Well As Canadian Bacon, Cucumber & Pesto Mayo On A Glazed Kaiser. Add Grilled Chicken: 2.5

Moby Richard $13

A hearty opened-faced albacore tuna melt smothered in aged cheddar on a fresh ola bun  toasted with garlic butter.

Grilled CHeese

Thrilled Cheese $10

Aged Cheddar, Asiago & American Slice Served On Calabrese Bread.

Buck 65 $13

Mac ‘N Cheese, Deep Fried Pickle, Avocado, House-Made Hickory Sticks, Cheddar & Asiago On Calabrese Bread.

The Strip Club $13

Strip Bacon, Grilled Chicken, Tomato , Lettuce, Cheddar,  Asiago with Pesto Mayo.

Mona Lisa $12

Bocconcini, House Made Bruschetta Mix, Balsamic Caramelized Onions, Asiago and Fresh Basil.

Breaded Parm Sandwiches

The Peter Rowe $13

Portobello Cap, Eggplant Cutlet, Roasted Red Pepper, Caramelized Onions, Asiago w/ House Marinara On A baguette.

The Chancellor $14

8oz Of Chicken Breast, Caramelized Onions, Basil, Butter Fried Mushrooms, Asiago with House Marinara On A Baguette.

The McCartney $15

Same As Above with Tender Veal Cutlets.

Burt Reynolds $14.5

Same As Above with Our Signature Stuffed Meatballs (Judy's Beauties - a family specialty made with Veal, Pork & Beef,  Stuffed with Quebec curds.


Cream of Mushroom 

Mushroomy, Buttery, Creamy goodness. Campbells who? ;)

Roasted Tomato 

Tomato, Onions, Garlic, Special Spices, Vegan & Gluten Free Deliciousness.

Spicy Thai 

Red Curry, Creamy Coconut Milk, Rice, Zucchini, Red Pepper & Onion.

Sizes 3.5- A hearty sampler /5.5 - The perfect dance partner

The Soupreme $8

Your Choice Of A Meal Sized Soup Served w/ Garlic Toasted Calabrese Bread.


The Cobblin $15

A traditional cobb salad consisting of iceberg & romaine lettuce, chef’s choice of veggies,  julienne ham, roast beef, turkey, shredded cheddar and a sliced boiled egg with your choice of dressing (our house croûtons optional) this is lean, mean and full of protein.

Light as a Feather $13

A sesame chicken salad tossed in our delicious house made Thai dressing nested atop of a bed of romaine cabbage/ Sriracha toasted peanut garnish.

Caprese $10

Italian Salad, Made Of Sliced Fresh Bocconcini, Tomatoes and Basil, Seasoned with salt, and pesto balsamic dressing a bed of spinach. 

HAIL Caesar $12 meal size/ $7 side 

The classic Caesar salad made with Romaine lettuce house made dressing and croûtons with all the trimmings. Suggestion: add pesto grilled chicken.

The Vegan Caesar $13 meal size/$7 side

Romaine lettuce house made vegan Caesar style dressing, croûtons with carrot bacon.

The MAYAN $7

6oz Quinoa salad with sliced cherry tomato, edamame, red onion, dried cranberries in a house made maple balsamic dressing.

Mac n' Cheese
Baked Mac N' Cheese
$10 meal size/$6 side

The ultimate comfort food! Macaroni and cheese — macaroni pasta and our cheese sauce with cheddar, Asiago and our special blend of spices.

The Captain Mack
$14 meal size/$10 side

The ultimate comfort food.. with lobster and bacon! Macaroni and cheese — macaroni pasta and our cheese sauce with cheddar, Asiago and our special blend of spices.

Home Fries $2.5/$4.5

Hand-Cut and Lightly Seasoned. 

French Fries $2.5/$4.5

House-Cut, Lightly Seasoned & Cooked To Golden Perfection.

Onion Rings $3.5/$6

Hearty, Thick-Cut, Deep Fried & Delicious.

Stuffed Angels $3.5

2x Deep Fried Wonton, Stuffed with Black Bean, Onion, Portobello Mushroom, Cilantro, crispy corn, roasted red pepper and artichoke heart, Served on a bed of our house made Marinara.

Poutine $6/$9

Fresh cut fries with our melty Quebec curds, bathed in your choice of gravy: Portobello Mushroom gravy, or our Chuck-wagon gravy.

Crispy Slaw $3/$5

Market Fresh, Julienne Napa Cabbage, Radicchio, Zucchini & Red Pepper with Your Choice Of Peanut Thai OR Sweet Creamy Dressing.


Non Alcoholic

Soda Pop / Tea $1.5
Chocolate Milk / Milk / OJ / Apple / Relay Coffee / Perrier $2.5 

Beer $6.5

Craft Draught Beer 20oz $6.5
Bottled Beer Import/Craft $5.50
Jumbo Bottles $8.5

Wine $7

6oz of our house white or red

Bar Rails $6


Cobra Caesar

Virgin $7   1.5oz $10  2.75oz $12

Liqueurs & Bourbons

Ask Your Lovely Server

Coffee Plus $5.5

Relay Coffee & 1.5oz of Irish Cream $5.5