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Whatever the event, whatever your tastes and budget, our passionate, experienced and dedicated team can create just about anything that your heart desires. We can cater for a corporate or commercial function, a wedding or private event, a dinner party or fine dining experience. In fact, we have been asked to provide catering for a whole range of people from multi-national companies launching new products to leading celebrities and political individuals across the country and throughout the GTA. 

Moreover, we have helped to create stunning events in some of the area's most prestigious venues and private homes. In short, all we need are some basic details of your event, and we’ll use our experience, planning and flair to create something special for you or your company.

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Here’s a list of some crowd favourites. Choose any or all of these or talk to our catering specialists at 289 389 5647 to create your own custom menu. 

The only limit is your imagination.


Deli Sandwich Platter
Assorted deli cold cuts, egg salad, tuna, veggie sandwiches made with freshly baked buns from Ola Bakery. 

Assorted Canapés 



Wild Mushroom Pâté

Veggie Platter
An assortment of fresh cut veggies with our house-made Tzatziki dip. 

Fruit Platter 

Assortment of fresh cut fruits with cream cheese whip.

Dessert Platter
Assortment of freshly baked treats from our local sweetery.

Cream of Mushroom,  Roasted Tomato,  Spicy Thai,  Chef’s Feature Soup



Beautiful Italian salad, made of slices of fresh Bocconcini, tomatoes, spinach and pesto, seasoned with salt, and olive oil.


Romaine lettuce house made croûtons and dressing with all the trimmings.


Judy’s Beauties
Mom’s special meatball recipe made with veal, pork & artisan beef, stuffed with cheese curds. Served in our house-made marinara sauce. Ola buns on the side.

Choose from choice cuts of Pork, Beef, Chicken, Shrimp or Seasonal Veg, marinated, grilled and served on a skewer with our house-made peanut sauce. Pulled Pork Tender, cuts of roasted pork, pulled and marinated in our sweet and savoury house made sauce. Ola buns on the side.

Baked Beans
Lois‘s secret family recipe.

Mac N’ Cheese
The Traditional Our Mac n‘ cheese recipe is a blend of Cheddar, Asiago and the Chef’s secret spices.

Capn‘ Highliner
Kick up our traditional mac n‘ cheese with some delicious lobster, bacon crumble and green onion.


Pasta Station
Your choice of an assortment of meats, veggies, cheeses and spices along with Alfredo, Marinara or Rose and Penne pasta prepared on site. You pick it , we cook it.

Grilled Cheese Station
Create your own grilled cheese masterpiece from a wide of selection of your favourite ingredients!